Can we fire admitted drug user, or should we offer time off for treatment?

You can always call upon your confidante and ask them to back up your “story.” They can then attest to the fact that you came to them distraught and told them that you were being harassed. The same thing works whether you are talking about harassment, embezzlement, discrimination or anything else. All you’re doing is creating a third-party, personal record of events. This one falls under the category of creative ways to get someone fired. Now, personal records are a little bit different, but still important to collect for the sake of evidence. These may be from office video recordings, hallway cameras in your office building, CCTV cameras in public areas, etc.

how to get someone fired for drug use

Instead, take the time to conduct a proper meeting and don’t try to multitask during it. Although somewhat more nuanced, firing someone due to their legal status in the US or their citizenship is against several anti-discriminatory laws. Sometimes a reminder about company policy or a seminar that goes over all the major points of said policy is all that’s needed. If the employee in question made a mistake that you don’t want anyone on your team repeating, you can set a separate meeting with the entire team to explain the whys and hows of their mistake. As a leader, you have the full authority to fire an employee on your team.

Reason #6: On-the-clock drug or alcohol use

Employers also must always keep confidential about anything they learn about employee and applicant health conditions. Drug or alcohol addiction is more widespread than perceived in the workplace. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 10.8 million full-time workers have a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). It’s important to understand the legal protections and company policies available for people who are seeking help with their substance use problems, ensuring a smoother transition into rehab facilities. To this end, it is critical that employers become familiar with drug and/or alcohol addictions so they can offer suitable support while minimizing disruption in daily business operations.

“[Name], I’ve called this meeting with you to let you know that we’ll, unfortunately, have to let you go from the company. You may remember the evaluations we did on [date and time] signs of drug use and [date and time]. Unfortunately, the results of our assessments showed that, although you’re a diligent worker, you simply aren’t able to meet our [daily/weekly/monthly goals].

Can I Get Fired For Being an Alcoholic or Drug Addict?

The ADA applies to all private enterprises employing 15 or more people and all State and local governmental entities. The Rehabilitation Act applies to all entities who receive Federal grants, contracts and aid. Due to that, we have decided that today will be your last day in the company. Your final paycheck will be deposited in your account within [time period]. You’ll also receive an outline of the reasons for your termination from [HR rep’s name]. Your poor performance affects the entire team because other people had to work harder in order to ensure the team meets the overall quota.

how to get someone fired for drug use

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