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That’s why it’s incredibly important to find people to connect with in recovery in order to build a healthier social network. Instead of dwelling on feelings of loneliness in addiction recovery, take advantage of your solitude. Regularly using drugs and alcohol acclimatises the user to experiencing instant gratification. Once in addiction recovery, former addicts often struggle to have patience with themselves and others. Social support is key to sustaining long term sobriety and overcoming loneliness, but also requires patience to develop. When you find yourself lonely, remember that forming close relationships in recovery takes time, but because loneliness is a strong trigger for relapse you should have a plan to cope with it.

loneliness in recovery

What’s important is that you have something to strive towards rather than letting SUD regain control of your life. Change the perspective that solitude and being lonely are the same thing. Loneliness is a detachment, whether it’s from yourself or from other people.

What Is the Isolation of Sobriety?

Ioana has a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and has been a freelance writer for over ten years. Ioana uses her passion for psychology, research, and mental health to Facing Your Powerlessness in Addiction Recovery create reliable resources on various topics relating to addiction and treatment. However, caring for a pet gives you purpose, structure, and unconditional love.

  • It’s also important to remember that recovery takes time, so don’t be discouraged if you initially feel lost.
  • The idea of HALT is a great way to remember the signs needed to take a break or reach out for support from someone positive in your life.

Be aware that some of those you have hurt while during addiction will not let you back into their lives. Even if your apology is not accepted, the effort will help you regain confidence and feel connected to others. This is an important one for people in recovery, and often filled with its own set of challenges. If you spent a significant amount of time in active addiction, you may have caused harm in your primary relationships. Your behavior may have damaged our relationship(s) with your parents, siblings, or children. If it has, work with your therapist, counselors, and recovery peers to formulate a plan to make amends and rebuild those relationships.

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Part of coping with loneliness means acknowledging the feeling, accepting that it’s ok, and knowing you have the tools to deal with it and it will eventually pass. Loneliness can’t simply be treated by medications and the tools for dealing with loneliness are ones that you have to formulate yourself. If you’re feeling lonely in recovery, here are some suggestions for what to do about it. Joining a support system or finding like-minded people in recovery may offer new opportunities to forge healthy, lasting friendships.

loneliness in recovery

With our help, you can recover from your substance abuse disorder with the assistance of those who love you. Fellowship in recovery can greatly increase the likelihood that the individual will build a good life away from substance abuse. It provides the important social support functions and means that the individual will be far less likely to feel alone. Belonging to one of the 12 Step fellowships can bring the individual into contact with other people who are following a similar path. It will also be possible to benefit from a special relationship with a sponsor.

Loneliness in Recovery Can Facilitate a Relapse

Taking steps to overcome and manage social isolation and loneliness in recovery are crucial to your recovery. Providing help to others allows you to maintain sobriety and is excellent for your overall health. A significant aspect of the support groups that they focus on is fellowship.

loneliness in recovery

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