Bishop David Oyedepo Prize for the Most Innovative Student Project

How it works
The student projects that meets the requirement of our Prize is taking into our Business Incubation System and the student with the project is trained, equipped and schooled in the process involved in starting and running a business, innovating a business model and designing and launching a product for the marketplace. Part of it will include ensuring that such business gets the necessary funding to be launched and sustained. We at, EWBN, will continue to give the business the necessary support to ensure that it grows, gain market share, disrupt industries and create new industries.

Bishop David Oyedepo Prize for the Most Innovative Student Project


There is no time like now that Nigerians need to begin to take strides to start businesses. As the government begins the process of diversifying the Nigerian economy business would very much play a key role in ensuring that the economy o the country becomes robust and self-sustaining.
With the increasing challenges of unemployment and less exports, entrepreneurial activities will help out to strengthen the naira and make the Nigerian economy better and greater. Our forefathers were entrepreneurs and this program will show Nigerians the benefit of entrepreneurship and how to go about running and growing a business.
MuhammedYunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and microfinance pioneer, said, “All humans beings are entrepreneurs. When we were in the caves, we were all self-employed… finding our food, feeding ourselves. That’s where human history began. As civilization came, we suppressed it. We became ‘labor’ because they stamped us, ‘You are labor.’ We forgot that we are entrepreneurs.”



As part of our Goal to make the University relevant to society and to kick start businesses, students can now participate in our Competition. Project must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a final year project
  2. Must solve the problem or meet the needs of a at least TEN Million Nigerians
  3. Must be an original idea or an improvement on an already existing technology or products
  4. Must be commercially viable
  5. Must be simple to use


To kickstart entrepreneurship and start businesses using students' final year projects as a launching pad to strengthening the Nigeria economy