STEM is an educative program/ curriculum that is made up of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is an important educating tool.
SCIENCE : This is the study of the natural world.
TECHNOLOGY : Simply modifying the natural world through engineering to meet human needs and wants.
ENGINEERING : This is the application of maths and science to create technology
MATHEMATICS : Involves the use of numbers , operations, patterns and relationships to solve problems.
Mathematics is the Foundation of Science
Science is the Foundation of Engineering
Engineering is the Foundation of Technology, & Technology is the Foundation of Development
For a nation like Nigeria to become great, engineers must be grounded in Mathematics and the sciences.

Importance of STEM

“Educating students on STEM subjects(if taught correctly) prepares students for life regardless of the profession they choose to follow. Those subjects teach students how to think critically and how to solve problems – skills that can be used throughout life to help them get through tough times and take advantage of opportunities whenever they appear.” Stephen F. De Angelis is President and CEO of the Cognitive Computing Firm Enterra Solutions.

  • A good STEM lesson helps students apply Maths and science through hands-on learning
  • Good STEM lessons include the use of (or creation of) technology .
  • It involves students in using an Engineering Problem Solving Process.
  • It engages students in using/ working in collaborative teams.
  • It reinforces relevant Maths and Science standards.
  • Good STEM lessons help to address a real-world problem.

Students’ mastery in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) is essential to our economic growth and development of Nigeria.

The EWB Nigeria STEM Program has two focus:

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