Facts About EWB Nigeria Membership

  1. EWB Nigeria membership is not for everyone.

  2. It’s for people who can work alone and initiate projects to solve problems for communities.

  3. We are project-centric and solution-centric and not meeting-centric. We meet to solve problems and not meet for the sake of meeting and talking

  4. Once you pay your membership fee, you have to go through the EWB Nigeria Introductory membership course to regularize your membership. The course is a practical one that requires you to solve real life problem using designing thinking.

  5. EWB Nigeria major goal is to make better engineering and science education and practice in Nigeria.

  6. Members can initiate projects in communities.

  7. EWB Nigeria doesn’t provide funds for projects.

  8. Volunteers on projects take care of their transportation, accommodation and feeding except where a grant received took care of that.

  9. EWB Nigeria is not an organization for people who want to maintain the status quo and are looking for where to belong.

  10. EWB Nigeria is a place where you give. If you are not ready and willing to give back to communities, we are sorry we are not the place for you.

EWB Nigeria is looking for disruptors who want to use their engineering knowledge and skills to make a difference in Nigeria. If you are one, then download our membership form and pay your membership category.