EWB Nigeria will operate two Institutes

  1. Institute of Design, Akure

We believe that design is very much a part of engineering and when it got removed from engineering, engineering became castrated and inhuman. Now we are bringing back human-centered design as a way to solve problems and develop technologies and products that people can use.

Social entrepreneurs, businesses, and other innovators have used human-centered design around the world to create solutions for many different types of challenges.

Human-centered design covers problem solvers of any stripe a chance to design with communities, to deeply understand the people they’re looking to serve, to dream up scores of ideas, and to create innovative new solutions rooted in people’s actual needs. The key to the process is empathizing with the users (citizen) to uncover unmet needs by understanding their beliefs, values, motivations, behaviors, pains, gains and challenges and to provide innovative solution concepts.

To make Nigeria a design hub

To train people in human-centered design as it relates to product and experience design and development.


  • Design Bootcamp for Secondary School Students
  • Design Products That Serve People
  • Design For Public Sector
  • Prototypes & Modeling
  • Experience Design
  • And more

  1. Institute of Technology, Nnewi

EWB Nigeria is partnering with MegaGrowth Solutions Ltd to establish the MegaGrowth Institute of Technology (MiT) located in Nnewi Anambra State.

MiT will be at the fore-from of educating people to be leaders in technology who anticipate the problems of the future and develop solutions for them today. It will be a place of inspiration and nurturing of tech talents while contributing solutions to the most challenging problems humanity faces.

It will blend scientific theorems, engineering concepts and technological education to solve real world problems. It will have a positive influence on the city of Nnewi and Nigeria. Through the innovations emanating from this Institute, the city will benefit and thrive- and it is through collaborations that what it does will continue to be strengthened.

Our dream is that the Institute will become a center for the training of Nigerian engineers to become problem solvers and global engineers.

MiT Nnewi will be a great institute where scientific theorems will be used to solve problems of humanity through the development of solutions.

To provide relevant instructions and methods and undertake research and applications to enable people innovate solutions to problems in Nigeria and the world.


  • Tech Bootcamp for Secondary School Students

  • Global Engineer Training

  • Problem Solving for Engineers Course

Our Centers

We will have 2 Centers that will Carter for the technological needs of the Niger Delta and Agriculture in the Northern part of Nigeria. The centers are:

Niger Delta Innovative Tech Hub, Warri

There is a great need for technological innovation in the Niger Delta that will meet and solve the needs of that region. We are setting up this hub as a platform where engineers and scientists can meet to come up with solutions to the problems in the Niger Delta.

Center for the Development of Agricultural Technology, Wukari

Agriculture in Nigeria uses old tools. To increase yield, there will be need to create more leverage. The leverage should be able to reduce the effort farmers put into farming while increasing their productivity. CDAT, Wukari will be an agricultural technology research and development center. It will have a demonstration farm where the technologies developed can be tested.


Facts About EWB Nigeria Membership

  1. EWB Nigeria membership is not for everyone.

  2. It’s for people who can work alone and initiate projects to solve problems for communities.

  3. We are project-centric and solution-centric and not meeting-centric. We meet to solve problems and not meet for the sake of meeting and talking

  4. Once you pay your membership fee, you have to go through the EWB Nigeria Introductory membership course to regularize your membership. The course is a practical one that requires you to solve real life problem using designing thinking.

  5. EWB Nigeria major goal is to make better engineering and science education and practice in Nigeria.

  6. Members can initiate projects in communities.

  7. EWB Nigeria doesn’t provide funds for projects.

  8. Volunteers on projects take care of their transportation, accommodation and feeding except where a grant received took care of that.

  9. EWB Nigeria is not an organization for people who want to maintain the status quo and are looking for where to belong.

  10. EWB Nigeria is a place where you give. If you are not ready and willing to give back to communities, we are sorry we are not the place for you.

EWB Nigeria is looking for disruptors who want to use their engineering knowledge and skills to make a difference in Nigeria. If you are one, then download our membership form and pay your membership category.