EWB Nigeria was formed based on a very simple idea - to create a platform to drive innovation in Nigeria.


To produce innovative solutions that will enhance the livelihood of communities in Nigeria.


To provide a platform where design and innovation connect to stimulate development


EWB Nigeria is more than just a place to work, its a place to express yourself, find your passion, fuel your creativity, make great friends and make a world of a difference

Core Values

The following are the core values that EWBN identifies with, which will continue to inform and shape the actions and decisions of the organization and guide it in its relationships with its stakeholders towards fulfilling its vision, mission and goals. They are arranged into this acronym ICE-SPICE to aid memory retention
a. Integrity: EWBN will maintain consistency in actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes; and at all times avoid or prevent individual and group behavior that could tarnish the reputation of the organization.
b. Culture sensitive: EWBN recognizes that there are differences in the culture and tradition of peoples across the country. Hence, it will ensure that projects are designed and executed in ways that respect and reflect sensitivity to the culture of the target communities, thereby improving the chances of projects’ acceptance.
c. Excellence: EWBN will ensure that any project carried out by the organization is executed to high standards. In addition, EWBN will, within its own capability, contr"ibute to the improvement in the process of formation of future engineers.
d. Safety first: EWBN recognizes that negligence and mistakes in engineering design and or operation could result in serious body injury and or death. Hence, every measure will be taken to protect operators and users of EWBN’s machines, equipments, and facilities from preventable dangers and hazards. 
e. Partnership and collaboration: Recognizing that in synergy and partnership - Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM); EWBN will team up with every willing partner to bring engineering solutions to the challenges of community development.
f. Innovation and creativity: In the quest for solutions to development challenges, EWBN will promote the use of intuition and great ingenuity to inculcate the use of locally available resources in project implementation to enhance their technical sustainability.
g. Capacity development: EWBN will make every effort to ensure that all technical assistance provide for, or by the organization, is aimed at improving the capacity and capability of the beneficiaries to direct and manage their own development agenda. 
h. Equity and diversity: EWBN believes in equality of opportunity, and strength in diversity. Hence, irrespective of stakeholders’ backgrounds, and to the extent humanly possible, people will be treated fairly and equitably without discrimination on the basis of their disability, skin color, or beliefs; we are united in one purpose – service to humankind.